To See

Chiaramonte Castle

It stands majestically on a rock spur of about 80 meters. The manor, kept in excellent condition, can be visited every day, except Monday. Inside to see the " Sala dei Baroni", with cross vaults and mullioned windows , "La Sala d'Armi", the Scuderie, the armory, the so-called "death chamber" , with treacherous trapdoors, the "room of the three women" and the feudal prison.

Chapel of Gentilizia -Madonna del Riparo

The chapel was built with the title of S. Maria del Rifugio, around 1631 by Don Vincenzo Sorge Malaspina, using the crypt for the family burial. The sculpture is the work of Biancardi, and performed in 1875 at the expense of Vincenzo Sorge. The title used today is Madonna del riparo.
Near the Chapel there is a popular Belvedere where tourists and not, stop to fill the gaze of Sicily and take the inevitable souvenir photo.
Madonna del Riparo.

Civic Tower

Soaring over the ancient roofs from the clay tiles, the civic tower that houses the municipal clock with its slender line embellished with ghibelline stone battlements (on one side there is a two-light window that recalls those of the Manfredonico-Chiaramontano castle), immediately hits the dreamy eyes of the tourist. The original tower was built in the 16th century by Don Cesare Lanza. At the beginning of the 1900s it was almost completely rebuilt and at the top a nineteenth-century clock with three quadrants was installed in order to allow the reading of the time from all the places in the country.

Good Friday - the Crucifixion.

The Holy Week in Mussomeli combines folklore, tradition and deep Christian faith.
From the evening of Holy Thursday the whole country enters a sort of collective pathos to which the Confraternities give form and voice with the evocative processions, on a church-to-church pilgrimage.
Good Friday opens with the procession of Our Lady of Sorrows, a beautiful and moving statue created in 1875 by the famous Neapolitan sculptor Francesco Biancardi.
In the evening the Christ is placed in the grandiose Urn. The other statues are paraded to it, each of which is preceded by the standard and the confraternity of the church to which the statue belongs.
On Easter Sunday, in the afternoon, in Piazza Umberto you do the traditional "Giunta" with the release of the "santi of saints" celebrating the victory of life over death. The statue of the risen Jesus, of the Madonna of Easter and of Saint Michael, meet between the general joy and then march in procession through the streets of the village up to the Mother Church.

Madonna of the Miracles

A site to visit absolutely is The Santuario Diocesano Maria SS dei Miracoli.
The history of this church is linked to the prodigious healing of a paralyzed man, who after sleeping in a vineyard near Mussomeli, awakened, noting with great amazement, that he had the use of his legs, shouting to the miracle.
The owner of the land dug where the miraculous had slept, and found a slab of stone depicting a Madonna with child, still visible today in the crypt of the Sanctuary.
The Madonna dei Miracoli was proclaimed Patroness of Mussomeli, not to miss the feast in your honor between 8 and 15 September, with the impressive procession of the faithful.